There have been found interesting preliminary results on links between what the dogs were fed and epilepsy in the DOGRISK dataset. We will now refine the analyses by selecting individually matched control dogs for each case dog with epilepsy. The controls will be of the same or similar breed, same sex and similar age as the case dog. The possible role of feeding factors in the emergence of epilepsy is easier to detect, when other factors are controlled by matching.

In June 2016, we sent a link to a questionnaire for epileptic cases and control dogs, where we collected more information about dog health and the diagnosis and symptoms of dogs with epilepsy. The data is combined with the previously collected feeding information for different age phases.

The aim is to find out whether feeding can help prevent epileptic outbreaks. Thanks in advance for all the participants, your input is important to the success of the survey!

You can contact Liisa Uusitalo (liisa.uusitalo (at) for more information on teh research.