The study aims to investigate the possibilities of fecal transplantation to improve the intestinal tract. If you have a dog who has chronic inflammation of the bowels, you are ideal to help with this study!

The study started in October 2015. It aims to find out what happens when a fecal transplantation from dogs with a healthy gut are transferred to dogs who suffer from chronic diarrhea or atopic dermatitis.

A healthy dog ​​intestinal flora will hopefully change the diseased dog’s intestinal flora in a positive direction and thereby improve clinical symptoms. The study is carried out as a clinical trial at the University Animal Hospital.

If you have a dog with chronic inflammation of the bowel and want to take part in our research, please contact Ingrid Hang (


More information:

  • Anna Hielm-Björkman:  anna.hielm-bjorkman (at)
  • Ingrid Hang: ingrid.moistus (at)